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A vacation is like a camera...Facus on the what's important ...Capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don't work out, take another shot.

 Carnival Cruise Line- we are getting ready for our next trip...I will be writing about it

sailing on the Victory  Carnival cruise line  Wonderful time
Victory Ship
Victory Ship
picture of Carnival Victory Ship

We will always stay with Carnival Cruise line. The food was great! clean rooms
This was so wonderful.  Booked our next Cruise before leaving the ship. The food was unbelievable, if there is a food you wanted to try but haven't because of the cost this is the time to try it, like frog legs, snails... On a cruise you don't paid for any of the food.  You can have ever you want, if you don't like it they will bring another dish of something else. The food is better than your finest dinning you will ever experience.  The service is beyond belief. This is a wonderful vacation, honeymoon and it's affordable. 
victory  Carnival   victory  Carnival victory  Carnival victory  Carnival victory  Carnival
victory  Carnival victory  Carnival victory  Carnival victory  Carnival victory  Carnival
victory  Carnival victory  Carnival victory  Carnival victory  Carnival Little Stirrup Cay, Bahamas

We just booked our air line tickets, got the best idea, going to
 "southwest air lines" 827.40 round trip for 2 from Wichita, to
 Ft Lauderdale and back... I we keep you dated about the treatment and customer service with the air lines. The seats are close together but the savings on the tickets are wonderful.

check this out....something new for your wedding.  you get a picture of each of your guest and they have fun. Memories with a fun time ...what fun....
wonderful Honeymoon! Affordable
Just minutes away from downtown Denver, In historic Idaho Springs. You'll find a wonderful place tucked away between a mountain and Chicago Creek, Where the gold rush began in Colorado....Paradise!!!You will enjoy luxurious surroundings and exceptional service and gourmet breakfast .....And it's afforable...fun things to do horseback riding through the mountains and visit old gold mines, trout fishing get your supper and cook it right on the patio at the "Baxter's on the Creek," panning for gold, set in the hot tub nestled on the side of the mountain or set by the fire enjoying the rambling creek and nature. Linda and Craig Wendling owners of "Baxter"s on the Creek" are offering to our friends and brides a coupon worth 25% off......look for it on our website TMBridalShop.com
Wichita’s oldest limousine service. Offering professional and friendly transportation for Cristmas light tours, weddings, proms, special occasion
update: Just booked our ride to the airport, we will have pictures to share going first class and ending the dream trip with the best limousine company...What a vacation!! From start to finish
Artistic Limousine

We used Artistic Limousine
for our trip 12/20/14 to Victory Carnival ship.  
They drove us to the airport and back.
What a way to start the vacation and end it in style 
Limo was beautiful and the driver was great

Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
starting out in style
Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
plenty room for suitcases
Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
look at the inside
Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
look at the inside
Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
look at the inside
Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
was waiting for us at the airport
Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
restful after a great vacation
Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
home with wonderful memories
Artistic Limousine
Artistic Limousine
the end of a good time

1331 N. Santa Fe
by appointment only
Wichita, KS 67214
Ph: 316.688.5100
Ph: 888.447.3254
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I have used their services, they are the best in their fields
Imagine hearing beautiful guitar music
as you walk down the aisle
He played at my wedding!!!
TMBridal Shop owners used Larry for there wedding. Just think what a wonderful mood. . .To hear guaitar playing in the back ground at your wedding.Set your wedding apart from everyone else..Unique. . .elegantLarry Hollifield
Acoustic  Guitar Music
Weddings, Corporate and Private Events
if you want something a little different for your wedding, choose live guitar music.
Larry’s music will enhance your wedding. The romance of the guitar will add just the right touch to your ceremony, whether in a chapel, cathedral, or outdoor setting. Larry specializes in music for wedding ceremonies and receptions.
need cake
this is the best
W.O.W Cakes
The world of Wedding cake
2724 North Amidon
Wichita, Kansas
I use them for birthday 
They are the best tasting
 cakes and look good. 
I am picky about icing....
mmmmmmm good.
Scott birthday cake
Scott birthday cake
choc. 8 diff./death by choc. Recommend by Tomorrow's Memories
Tiffany Birthday Cake
Tiffany Birthday Cake
Tiffany dream love..... Justin Bieber Recommend by Tomorrow's Memories