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Compare Apple to Apple
Do the math...Get the total Price
Don't be fooled by low (come on) prices
We are cheaper when you get down to the real total price.
Why should you go with us for your Tuxedo?
Unlike the corporations and chain store
Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tuxedo Shop is a "Mom and Pop" small business store. You deal with the owner that started Tomorrow's Memories back in 1986 and her family.
We care, we want you to look your best as this is not just a job but our lifes'. We love what we do and it shows.
What happens if my tuxedo doesn't fit. Well, We alter the tuxedo's. If you need it taken in at the waist we will alter it.
Shorten in the sleeve or making the sleeves longer. No problem, it will take us minutes and you will look perfect. Pants too short or too long....minutes and it will be fixed. Ask the other shops what they will do if it doesn't fit?
Are you Big in the chest and small in the waist? Tuxedo' s are not made for this style body. We take it in at the waist, so show off your waist and you won't look like you are wearing a box.
ASK the other shops, they tell you they can not alter the tuxedo because they are rental. Linda sews and our tuxedo suppliers lets her alter them. She good and only takes her minutes.
We have lots of tuxedo's from
country to fancy...camo to fairy tale
What ever you want we have
A place your treated like family, where your wedding is as important to us and it is to you.
Do the math
We are cheaper when you get down to the real price.
  Tired of the run around trying to find the right tuxedo ?
  Stop in and talk to Scott for your personalized fitting. I am co-owner of
  Tomorrow's Memories Bridal Shop, and my job is to make
   you look your best for your big day! 
  Whether  your a big guy, little guy, or somewhere in-between,  I
   can help you find the perfect tuxedo, color matched to the girl of  your
   dreams.  Theme weddings and out of the ordinary requests are getting
   very popular,  so if  you have a crazy idea,  let me know. 
  I bet  we can make it  work.
 My tuxedo's are all inclusive, right down to the cufflinks and black shoes,
  all  you  need  is  clean  socks  .  .  .   lol . . .
              Looking foward to meeting  you and  your future bride!
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