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up date on Nerium
owner of Tomorrow's Memories
Want to get married next week
3 D mascara...Have you heard about it? It's wonderful

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Why should I rent my wedding dress? I'll answer this with a question...Why would you want to buy your wedding gown?
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advise to brides

prices of wedding gowns

The price of a gown is determined by the following factors:
1} The style of the dress
2} The type of material it is made of
3} The amount of beading, lace and trim sewn on  and its value
4} The number  of changes or alterations made to the original design
5} Whether the beading and lace are sewn or glued on
It is interesting how much the fabric of a dress can influence its cost.  English net, silk organza, silk chiffon or silk faced satin will usually start at $1000.00 plus. The same dress made of poly organza, poly silk organza, faille taffeta and tulle will usually start at $700.00.  The same dress made of jersey, rayon stain crepe poly silk and chiffon would usually start at $500.00. Remember most people don't know the difference in the material and It's for one time wearing.
The other cost depends on the designer.  Several designers will make the same dress, they just change the design a little bit. Again  Remember most people won't know who the designer is on your dress for the label is in the inside of the dress.  Prices can really very alot for the same style dress. But there is even a better way to save money. 
Take an open mind and think...
Imagine yourself wearing one of the gowns you seen in the bridal magazine...One of the high dollar dresses by a famous designer...
Imagine it fitting like it was made for you only...
Imagine the cost....$$$$$$$
 I'm telling you there is another way.
think about this...rental...imagine the savings $$$$$$...when are you ever going to wear this dress again?
....Groom rents his tuxedo...why? because it's affordable and he will not be wearing it again. Well doesn't it make sense for you to rent your gown. Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tuxedo Shop  carry only the top designers and the top of their line, your getting that $1000.00 plus dress only it's made affordable by renting. With the alterations you get a dress designed just for you.  Want sleeve or special straps, want camo or color added.  You are the designer. You dream it and Tomorrow's Memories will create it. It's  NOT a dress off the rack, We can give you the look you want made affordable by renting.  My website is: tmbridalshop.com  
 call for appointment 316-733-0860  you will be glad you did..

up date on Nerium

up date on Nerium.  It's been 4 weeks, Difference in my face, neck and skin is amazing. I use less makeup...I have always airbrush my makeup and now it looks like too much. so wearing a lot less make up. Which saves money, airbrush make up is expensive.  My skin is clean enough that  I look good without makeup, this is a first for me.
for more information and to order

owner of Tomorrow's Memories

This is a new product that I have tried and love.   Been 3 weeks and boy is there a different in my face, neck and skin.
As you all know I'm a cougar and I worry about my looks and looking old.    Lisa will let you try it free if you tell them I told you about it.  Find out for your self the wonders of this product.  Lets face it we all want to look younger and better.
What you got to lose? wrinkles, age spots, dark circle. I will post some pictures before and after later...it's amazing.

click on this link for more information and a free trial of the product--Just tell them Tomorrow's Memories told you about them.

Want to get married next week

Want to get married next week?
  You get the marriage
license, we will take care of the rest. We can get your wedding together in hours.  Instead getting married at the Court House you can get married here at the shop.  Scott is an ordained wedding officiant. Come check us out...
We have a nice area with flower arches and church benches holds 20 people or we can do outside on the heart shape deck.  call for pricing
            click on "wedding ceremony" for pictures

3 D mascara...Have you heard about it? It's wonderful

Have you tried the 3D mascara?  Go to my website and click on 3 D Mascara and watch the video
You can order it right there and it will be shipped to your home.   It is amazing ...You won't go with out it once you use it.
Let me know how you like it.

need alterations

Alterations are done, in house by the owner.
I do the alterations while you wait.
Every girl fantasizes about her dream wedding. 
 Linda, owner of TmBridal Shop, makes it her mission to turn those dreams into reality.We give customers a personal touch, whether the bride wants us to create a dress for her and add something to her wedding gown, we can give her what she wants.  We touch people's lives in ways that others cannot.  We create something that the have been dreaming about.  We make dreams come true...
If you have a problem we can help...Alterations done while you wait.
Need a dress today??? no problem
Give me an hour and we will have you on your way
Linda absolutely SAVED MY DAY!!! I thought I would try to save money and order a wedding dress online. The WORST IDEA EVER!! I ordered mine from beautifulbridaldress.com. It arrived late...3 days before the wedding & I paid to have it express shipped. It came almost 5 inches too short. The zipper broke the first time I tried it on & the dress wasn't tight. The embroidery/bead work wasn't finished. You could see the ink pattern on the dress where they left off & failed to finish!! UGH! That's just the major noticible things...it was made so poorely. It could have been a complete nightmare but I took it in to Linda & she fixed all that was wrong with it in an afternoon!!! She added fabric to the bottom, put a lace up panel in the back & by the time she was done with everything it looked as though the dress was made that way originally. I ended up with a beautiful dress that was a complete mess & disappointment when it arrived! She was so kind...so professional & truly saved me. I didn't learn about Tomorrow's Memories until after I had already ordered the dress but if I had it all to do over again, I would have rented my dress as well as well as my bridesmaids dresses! Linda means it when she says they are available 24/7 & can put an entire wedding together for you within hours....step foot in their store & find out before you make a decision to work with any other bridal store. They are hands down the best & the kind of service you rarely find anymore! I recommend them to everyone I know!!
Susan Reardon
all rental items are just $10.00 plus tax for alterations
For those brides that just found out about Tomorrow's Memories Bridal Shop and already have bought your wedding gown. Tomorrow's Memories Bridal Shop still want to be a part of the most important day in your life... 
Tomorrow's Memories Bridal Shop do alterations at affordable prices
purchase elsewhere
side seam-per-side....................................... $30.00
built in bra .......................................................$35.00
Per shoulder................................................... $18.00
Per sleeve or strap..........................................$18.00
Change zipper to lace up................................$90.00
Hems...............................................................$45.00 and up
Bustling ...........................................................$75.00
pants hemmed ..............................................$10.00
adding pick-up.............................................$35.00
veil repair....................................................$25,00 and up
Cleaning and pressing Wedding Dress.......$100.00
Pressing Dressing only...................................$50.00
Pressing Bridesmaid Dress only...................$35.00
We do the alterations while you wait.  Most times you will need only one fitting 
I came into town from Virginia to spend nine days with my family and do some wedding planning with my mom. I never dreamed I'd leave with my bridal gown and all the bridesmaid dresses ready for the wedding! In five days, you were able to order in the dress I liked and add sleeves to create the dress I'd imagined. Linda saved days of stress and sewing time when in four hours, she re-made size 16 and 18 bridesmaid dresses to fit my much smaller sisters! We are awed and very grateful! Thank you seems inadequate for the easy, timely and very pleasant experience we had at Tomorrow's Memories. Thank you for being part of making my wedding day come together so beautifully. Blessings to all of you!
Charlessa Gates

3 D mascara

You need Flash Player in order to view this.
3D Fiber Lash Mascara Application Tutorial
Just not getting the big results you see in all the pictures?! I want you to get the MOST out of your 3D Fiber Mascara!!! The sky is the limit with this stuff!! =) Get yours today at www.GetFib...
Write your post here.
Check out the latest beauty buzz! Get your Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara by Younique today! No more fake lashes and expensive eye lash extensions! 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara are made of 100% Natural Green Tea Fibers and won't damage your lashes like fake lashes or eye lash extensions yet gives you 3x the length. You can order it from
my website: http://www.tmbridalshop.com click on 3D mascara, order and pay for it right there....it will be shipped directly to your home. You will love it...It's amazing

3 D mascara

This is the most wonderful mascara!!!  You can order it from my website and it will be shipped to your house

play and stay what a honeymoon place

We are so excited, just booked our cruise with the Caribbean Cruise Line.  Play and stay.

sailing on  Bahamas Celebration to Grand Bahamas Island
widely regarded as "THE JEWEL OF THE BAHAMAS" This tropical island paradise is know for its unspoiled white beaches, crystal clear waters
Staying at Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Hotel, An all inclusive resort...Nestled on a secluded beach, is a tropical resort destination unlike any other.
I have been on a lot of Cruises but this is our first Cruise and resort stay.  I will be writing about the conditions of the rooms, beaches, food and all the wonderful thing to do there. Looking forward to horseback riding in the ocean.  After the trip I will post pictures and video. It's not until December so I will be writing a lot about it.  Half the fun is planning.
I am doing research on this trip so if there is anything you want to know, ask and I will find the answers.

the reason you should rent instead of buying your wedding gown

In this era of high cost, many couple are intimidated by the idea of a big wedding.
I have the answer. You can have the wedding of your dreams and made affordable by renting.Why Should I rent my wedding dress? I'll answer this with a question, why would you want to buy your wedding dress? This is a very expensive item. You wear it only once. You can use the money you save on other things in the wedding and have a fancier wedding or even a honeymoon. You'll have the pictures for memories...A picture... holds time... of the most memorable day of your life,you will never look better in your dress than your wedding day.  Wedding gowns take a lot of room to store, and a lot of care. Even with the best of care sometimes they turn yellow. After the wedding... the dress will need cleaned... that another expense. I have 2 to 3 calls a day past brides wanting to sell their wedding dresses, I won't buy them and I don't know anyone that will.Your wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding, When you're going the aisle... no one know if your rented the dress or bought it, they'll just say how beautiful you are.
You can rent complete outfits for 8 people for the price of the wedding gown...This is the way of the future
rental clothing for 8 people only $1158.55
bride         3 bridesmaid          groom and 3 groomsmen
dress                 dress                            tuxedo
slip                    slip                               shirt
bra                     bra                                vest
body shaper       body shaper                  tie
shoe                    shoe                            pocket square
jewelry                jewelry                       jewelry
Think about this....It is smart to rent!