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Wonderful Shore Excursion/Island of Cozumel
Princess Cruises

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Why should I rent my wedding dress? I'll answer this with a question...Why would you want to buy your wedding gown?
Glad I came to Tomorrow's Memories
great place
questions to ask when looking for alterations
Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a wedding gown


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advise to brides

Wonderful Shore Excursion/Island of Cozumel

This Shore Excursion is better than they advertised...ATV Adventure, Beach Break and Lunch on Island of Cozumel
The ATV 's were in very good condition.  Drive through the winding jungle paths full of tropical vegetation
Fun Fun Fun

Princess Cruises

I have been a lot of Cruises
This ship is the best of the best
Regal "Love Boat"
From the moment you step on board you are treated like... You are the most important person on earth
From the Captain to the cabin stewart...
first day on ship
 Princess cays
This is a private beautiful beach on the southern portion of  the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.  One hundred miles long and only two miles wide
after a fun day on the beach relaxing tropical paradise.
When you are ready to dive into on board activities, you:ll find a variety of enriching and entertaining options.
From movies under the stars to first class Broadway stage show...
casino....stargazing....a walk over the water on a glass walk way....Piano and vocal entertainer...Steel pan melodies with Trevor Cole...Zumba..hole in one Golf Challenge...the list goes on and on....
Food is everywhere you turn...
Princess Regal   "Love Boat"


Serena Nails and Spa
420 south Andover 
316 3515433
Wonderful. Love my nails
Best place the girls are great really good work
If you need your nails done this is the place to go

The place is clean and our technicians was awesome.The best I have experience. I own Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tuxedo Shop in Andover.  I deal with a lot of Nails Spa. This was the best of the best.  The technician took her time with my pedicure. I had my big toes painted, wonderful job.  My friend had her toes with a french tipped and big toes painted all white white a red flower and her artwork was beautiful!!!!  The products she used were high side spa worthy. My nails I had white tips, very light and comfortable.  I sew alot and have no problem sewing, my hands look amazing. I had a wonderful time and would definitely come back.

Thank you for such an exceptional experience!!!!'


We are so excited 
Getting ready for our cruise
booked on the "Love Boat "   Princess Cruises  - Regal.....leaving Dec 4  
Did you know you can do your our booking on line, it's fun, easy and you save a lot of money by doing it your self.
I will have a lot of pictures and stories to tell when we get back Dec. 11.    It's been 7  years of marriage so we are renewing our vows on ship...fun fun 
We are using two limousine companies.  Artistic Limousine    www.artisticlimousine.com 641.1575
and Worldwide Limousine Service  www.worldwidelimousineservice.com 316-641-3048

Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tuxedo Shop Live Stream

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Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tuxedo Shop
story of Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tuxedo ShopWe would love to have the opportunity to be a part of this most wonderful day in your life...
Write your post here.

Buying dress on line

The signs of the times...recession...we all are feeling it...You see a picture of a dress on line, just what you want. The price is cheap... You order it, it comes in, looks nothing like the picture and 3 or more sizes too small. 
 Thats! why it was so cheap...

We deal with this every day,,, We have helped a lot of brides with this problem. Come in and with our alterations we can make it fit and correct what is wrong with the dress.
Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tucedo Shop
Andover, Knasas

Bridesmaids good or bad

What is a bridesmaid? 
This is your best friends...
Some one that has your back and will help make "your day" a dream wedding.    Fairy tail...Would perfection be ideal?
It's the bridesmaid  responsibility  to make little problems... no problems.   
People are too caught up in the dream wedding that they forget the purpose of getting married in the first place. This is a time tension and feelings are high...Don't forget the meaning behind getting married. 
Of course. Marriage is about love. 
This one time in the center of the attention is the bride. Everything should be done for the bride.  Every thing should be as she wants it.  It's not anyone's wedding but hers. Problems bride should never know about.
A Bad Bridesmaids attitude can ruin the most wonderful day in a brides life.  Instead of  wonderful memories and funny mishaps...Bad attitude.  a little mistake gets blown way out of proportion . When remembering her wedding the rest of her life that little problem is what will be remembered.  A bad bridesmaid wants everything her own way and wants to be the center of attention,  this is not the place or time for that kind of attitude.  This is the brides day, being her bridesmaid, it's your responsibly to make it the most happy memorable day possible.
A good Bridesmaid will down play any  problem and handle it without the bride even knowing 
There will be problems in every wedding, that's life.... how big the problems are will be peoples attitude.  This is the brides day, every one should make sure for her everything is perfect.  With the right attitude problems become no problems. Most the time a simple phone call will fix the problem.  A good bridesmaid will think of only what the bride wants, what  the bridesmaid wants is not important at this time, for it's not your day.
We try very hard to make things perfect...but sometimes a mistake is made. One phone call and I'm on my way to fix it. The other day we got a phone call from a bridesmaid, the skirt was to long.  I had plans but upon getting the phone call I went to the wedding as fast as I could. The bridesmaid had the skirt on backwards, Skirt had a train. Turned the skirt around, perfect.  A lot of time it's really nothing, The attitudes are the real problem I have been in business 29 years the impact of attitude on life. A good Attitude can make a wedding wonderful and memorable or bad attitudes can ruin a wedding. 

why buy your dress

Why would you ever want to buy a wedding gown or prom dress?  When you can rent and you save so much money!!!
The guys have rented their tuxedo for years.  Renting isn't new  I have been in business since 1986...I feel it's the only way to go and still people haven't heard of it.  When are you ever going to wear the dress again? That's why guys rent their Tuxedo, saves time and money.  Saves time, you ask.  Yes it does, see we have packages that includes bra, body shaper, slip shoes, jewelry, veil, tiara,  dress... and the big one, we alter to fit...everything you will need for the prom or wedding.  What are you going to do with the dress after the wedding?  Think about this...
Renting...I can have the dress I want...Made affordable by renting...This is a no brainer...think smart and rent.


The longer  I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life.
Attitude, to me... is more important than facts, money or looks.

How you react to a problem or circumstances, can make or break a deal or relationship. Your attitude can change how someone feels about you or the problem in hand.  Good attitude can change ones out look on life. Being positive and instead of negative about the problem or circumstances can change the out come. We can not change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We can  not change the inevitable. We have a choice on how we react... Be in charge of your attitude.

  I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.

Ephesians 4:23-24

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change and Courage to change the things, I can... and the Wisdom to know the difference...

The perfect honeymoon

Dream of a wonderful honeymoon...Well This is it!!!an it's affordable www.carnival.com
This was so good that we booked the next cruise before leaving the ship 
the food is unbelievable... at no extra cost to you
food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014
food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014
food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014food on Carnival "Victory"
 December  2014

on our Bed at night
Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014
Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014Victory   Carnival cruise Ship  2014

carnival cruise line is the best!   inside Victory        http://www.carnival.com/