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brides of TMBridalShop and there experience

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great place

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Glad I came to Tomorrow's Memories

After buying my prom dresses at Parrot-Fa-Nalia years ago, I decided to try them for my wedding dress. We remember the owner being very nice from before. However, when trying to buy a wedding dress, it was a bad decision.
1) When I walked in, the lady helping me (not the owner) kept grilling me about what other places I had been to.
2) She would gritch at me every time I looked at dresses one size below what I *usually* am (they often fit me).
3) She wouldn't let my mom and maid of honor look at bridesmaids dresses while I was trying on wedding dresses, even though it was the most convenient time for us.
4) The room I was put in was tiny. With the 10 or so dresses that I wanted to try on crammed in there with me, I literally had 2 feet of floor space to put on dresses.
5) (and this was why I left) They don't let you take pictures in dresses until you buy them. I know that some upper scale places in other cities do this, but not in Wichita. The pictures I've taken in dresses have been invaluable to me finding the right one.
I went to Tomorrow's Memories in Andover right after walking out on Parrot-Fa-Nalia and it was the best decision I could have made. They're *so* much nicer, have much bigger rooms, didn't tell me "this is how it should be done," and my maid of honor took 80 pictures!
I felt bad for leaving Parrot-Fa-Nalia at first, because they did have some pretty dresses that I would have wanted to try on, but in the end...after liking lots of dresses at Tomorrow's Memories, I decided that my wedding dress is way too important to leave up to the Parrot people and their shenanigans         Write your post here.

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