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Why should I rent my wedding dress? I'll answer this with a question...Why would you want to buy your wedding gown?
Glad I came to Tomorrow's Memories
great place
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Questions to ask yourself before purchasing a wedding gown


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review for Tomorrow's Memories

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TMBridal is doing Quinceanera
Got some new dresses in and new shoes
Check them out!!!!!!!


Got some new dresses in

customer of Tomorrow's Memories

Customer Dorinda Gates has had many experiences with Tomorrow's Memories
"In August of 2004, my older sister was getting married." Gates said. "They created the dress of her dreams.  They custom-made the sleeves, and altered the dress to fit her perfectly.  My other sister had them alter three bridesmaid dresses for her wedding.  They did an excellent job."  When Gate became engaged, she knew where she was going to buy her dress from.  Because of good experiences her sisters had, she drove from Dallas to Andover to get her wedding dress from Tomorrow's Memories. "They form relationships with the customers,"Gates said."They have outstanding service .Linda's ability to do alterations is amazing.  letter  took from Andover .scoopfire June 28, 2010
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