Linda has rented wedding gowns since 1986.  The groom rents his tuxedo...Think about it...What are you going to do with the wedding gown after the wedding?  It cost $100.00 to $200.00 to have it cleaned after the wedding.  Save it for your daughter? Why aren't you wearing your mothers wedding dress?  Because it's out dated, well in 20 years yours wedding gown will be too.
 Have you ever been a bridesmaid? 
 What did you do with the dress?
Did you ever like it or wear it again?
 Linda  wanted to offer the finest dresses and tuxedos to brides at affordable prices. 
She wanted to make it where every girl could have the wedding of her dreams. 
She wanted to give the personal touch. . .
Linda and Scott feel renting is the only way to go.
A beautiful wedding at affordable price. Renting dresses gives the brides the opportunity to have the kind of wedding they want without the cost.
You don't just pick a dress off the rack...We custom design for you.
  Want a certain look..We will create it.
How about camo? This wedding was created just for the bride and Groom. They rented and did it their way.
We own the dresses and can create your look. designer names like Walters Bride, Maggie Sottero, DaVinci, Alfred Angelo, Couture, Bianca, Jasmine, Mary, Ashley Jordon, Allure Bridal, Ashley Jordon, Impression, Moonlight, Jordon, Raylna, Bonny, Mori Lee, Sophia Tolli, Occasion Bride, Treasured Moments and the list go on.
Camo and it's fancy Doesn't Buffy look beautiful Dreams do come true At Tomorrow's Memories
Camo ....and it's your way...it's pretty  western.  dreams do come true at Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tuxedo Shopshare your experience
  • Hi this is Veinsha Jenny burtin now Robinson's maid of honor. you did our beautiful dresses thanks so much everyone loved them. especially Jenny's!!! you did such a wonderful job. will highly recommend you to other people. thanks again!!
Camo with style and grace.
beautiful weddings
Buffy weddin 2 Bridesmaids Dresses done just for Buffy.  Her dream Her way and it all happens at Tomorrow's Memories and It's affordable by renting The signs of the times . . . recession . . . we all are feeling it . . . Every girl dreams of that perfect wedding no matter what the times are. YES! You can have that wedding and Tomorrow's Memories Bridal and Tuxedo Shop wants to help. Tomorrow's Memories  Bridal and Tuxedo Shop is offering a layaway and payment plan, with no interest. This will let the bride rent her wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses and tuxedos without having to come up with all the money up front. How this works is you put a little money down and make monthly payments until your wedding.
There is no charge for this service.